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Crypt-Occur for calves

Cryptosporidiosis is a disease caused by a very tiny organism, the size of a red blood cell. The calf swallows the crypto, it is in cow manure. Manure on the cow’s teats or from the environment provide the source. The crypto organism burrows into the wall of the calf’s gut and incubates for approximately 48 hours, then it erupts into the lumen of the gut. Half of the organisms are released to contaminate the environment, whilst the other half dive into the lining of the gut and start incubating agin. If the calf eats one crypto organism on day one, it becomes one million by day eight. Crypto is auto-infective; once it is in the calf’s body, it does not have to pass out of the calf in order to reinfect it.

Crypt-Occur for Calves


Once Cryptosporidium has been diagnosed on your farm we would recommend the use of Crypt-Occur®. In conjunction with regular disinfecting (with approved cryptosporidium disinfectant), for calves, look to use Crypt-Occur®. Crypt-Occur® is a carefully formulated, synergistic blend of ingredients designed to support the gut, immune system and intestinal microflora of calves at risk of cryptosporidia and other pathogens. Esterified butyrins and plant extracts enhance the barrier effect of the gut wall through their positive effects on the tight junctions and mucus production. This helps to minimise “leaky gut” and reduce the passage of pathogens and antigens into the bloodstream of the calf causing inflammation. Essential oils, plant extracts and fatty acids work together to reduce any gut inflammation, which can also be induced by the stress commonly experienced by young calves. Calves need gradual exposure to disease causing organisms and parasites such as cryptosporidium to allow the build up of immunity without the production of disease. Strengthening the immune system with egg products (dried), yeast components included in Crypt-Occur®and the use of fatty acids, butyrins and prebiotics to balance the gut microflora, Crypt-Occur® is a formidable product for use when cryptosporidosis threatens calf health.

Crypt-Occur for Calves


“Berry’s Agriculture have been feeding our calves for the past 3 years with their excellent Shine Milk Powder. Andy has been instrumental in reducing our cases of cryptosporidium with his Crypt-Occur product alongside the use of the transition milk powder, Transformula. I would recommend Andy to help your calves and especially the use of Shine Milk Powder and his Crypt-Occur product.”

Tom Jones

Trelay Farm, Cornwall

“We have had problems with crypto for years but never found anything that worked. However after using Crypt-Occur for nearly two years now, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. Scours are no longer an issue and the calves are growing on really well. The calves responded very quickly to the product”

Andrew Nicholls

Trewindle Farm, Cornwall

“Crypt-Occur is an excellent product and I would thoroughly recommend it. It is easy to use and the recovery rate in calves is quick. If used in the early stages of crypto it is farm more effective than any other product we have previously used. It is an essential product in our calves care routine”

Janet Elliot

Henscott Barton, Devon

“We have dealt with Berry’s Agriculture since 2010 and have found them to be very professional in their service and Andy’s product expertise is excellent. We like their practical approach and I am very impressed with their Crypto product that has greatly improved our calves health”

Mike Retallick

Farm Manager Duchy College, Cornwall

“I have been using Crypt-Occur for the past 12 months to help tackle my crypto problem in my calves. I use it as a preventative on calves from 3 to 10 days old and treat at full rate if I ever get the odd case. I have tried many other products over the years to solve this problem but they have all failed to give me the same results as I get with Crypt-Occur. It really does work.”

Gethin Evans

Cefnmabws, Llanrhystud

“Crypt-Occur is by far the most effective way to relieve symptoms of cryptosporidium we can find to date.”

Robert Derryman

Peterhayes Farm, Devon

“Ever since we started using Crypt-Occur our scours have reduced by 90%.”

Large Dairy Farmer


“Crypt-Occur has helped reduce the impact of Crypto on our farm, it’s simple to use and helped with calf health”

Mr Mason

Preston, Lancashire

“Since using Crypt-Occur, we have seen an improvement in calf health and its a lot easier to use than the alternatives”

J & E Airey

Blackmoss Farm, Preston, Lancashire
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