Cryptonite Plus for Calves

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Cryptonite Plus for calves

Cryptosporidiosis is a disease caused by a very tiny organism, the size of a red blood cell. The calf swallows the crypto, it is in cow manure. Manure on the cow’s teats or from the environment provide the source. The crypto organism burrows into the wall of the calf’s gut and incubates for approximately 48 hours, then it erupts into the lumen of the gut. Half of the organisms are released to contaminate the environment, whilst the other half dive into the lining of the gut and start incubating agin. If the calf eats one crypto organism on day one, it becomes one million by day eight. Crypto is auto-infective; once it is in the calf’s body, it does not have to pass out of the calf in order to reinfect it.

Cryptonite for Calves

Our Solution

Cryptonite Plus for calves, which contains plant extracts, hydrolysed yeast, an immune package and blended salts is proven to be highly effective in helping the calve to boost its own immune system against Cryptosporidium. The powerful blended ingredients limits the proliferation of merozoites, (therefore decreasing asexual reproduction of cryptosporidia). They have a direct and indirect action to kill the sporozite and also have a protective effect on the epithelium cells in the calf's small intestine. The carefully selected hydrolysed yeast has been proved to bind toxins such as E.Coli and Salmonella in calves thus preventing scours.

Cryptonite for calves


“Berry’s Agriculture have been feeding our calves for the past 3 years with their excellent Shine Milk Powder. Andy has been instrumental in reducing our cases of cryptosporidium with his Cryptonite product alongside the use of the transition milk powder, Transformula. I would recommend Andy to help your calves and especially the use of Shine Milk Powder and his Cryptonite product.”

Tom Jones

Trelay Farm
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