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One of the largest distributors of Shine Milk Powders in the UK

Milk protein is more digestible than vegetable protein, and by using Shine Milk Powders you are ensuring the best start for your calf due to the very low or nil inclusion of vegetable protein and the inclusion of high quality Skim and Buttermilk. Please download the Shine Milk Powders brochure here.

We are also the first merchant to sell 'Transformula Milk'; a milk powder that has been produced to replicate what you would find in a dam's milk from 2-6 days post-calving. In addition, we are also the first merchant to promote 'Milky Way'; the first concentrated milk powder on the UK market. Please download the Milky Way brochure here.

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Milk Powders
Once A Day (Skim)

This award-winning milk powder is the pioneer of once-a-day feeding and is made with skim milk powder and buttermilk. It can be fed with water or milk to reduce your workload but not compromise the calf. It contains clotting agents to allow the milk to breakdown over a longer period of time in the calf's stomach.

Milk Powders
Twice A Day (Skim)

The Twice A Day (Skim) is your flexible friend suited to twice-a-day feeding through machines. Containing the ingredients listed above, no other powder can match the benefits of feeding Shine. Designed for maximising growth with high index calves, calves can be pushed to ensure high performance from day one.

Milk Powders
Transformula (Skim)

Transformula is a very high skim-based powder designed to mimic transmission milk, (i.e. milkings day 2 to day 6 post calving). It contains an anti-cryptospordium product, (Cryptonite) and also other ingredients to aid against Rota-Virus and Corona-Virus. Other unique ingredients help the calf to boost its immune system.

Milk Powders
Milky Way 'Concentrated'

An exceptionally high skim-based concentrated milk powder, Milky Way contains 5 high-digestible fat types. Due to the high concentration, this powder delivers the same milk protein and energy compared to most milk powders, but on a lower rate which then encourages higher dry food and nutrient intake. This results in quicker development and higher daily live weight gain.

Milk Powders
Compumate (Skim)

Compumate is the only milk replacer designed for computerised machine-fed calves. It is digested in the same way as cows' milk, so there's no nutritional stress and helps calves thrive and reach higher liveweight gains. It's also non-hygroscopic, so that the powder doesn't absorb any moisture from the atmosphere whilst in the hopper, and maximises flow rates in the mixing chamber.

Milk Powders
Sweet Complete

Sweet Complete is made with whey and buttermilk for that extra security and performance of your calves. Sweet Complete is the calf milk replacement of choice for calf-rearers and machine users, because it ensures maximum intake of dry feed and high-weaning weights for your calves. When using this product, feed your calves twice a day or through machines.

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