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From birth to weaning, we have a range of calf rearing products designed to meet your requirements and the challenges faced by youngstock in todays climate, such as powerful disinfectants, top quality calf colostrum, anti-cryptosporidium products and electrolytes.

We're happy to carry out a youngstock health farm appraisal which will often include free calf scour testing on your youngstock to determine what challenges they are facing. We will then work together to develop a management plan.

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Calf Rearing Aids
Cosy Calf Jackets

Cosy Calf Jackets provide the calf with a warm and waterproof protection at a crucial stage of its development. The jacket itself gives optimum protection at low temperatures, is breathable and water repellent and is made of high quality material to ensure long product life.

Calf Rearing Aids
First Milk Calf Colostrum

The intake of colostrum is the most important factor for the health of a young calf, and First Milk Calf Colostrum is perfect for that. First Milk Calf Colostrum is a fantastic supplement that is full of high energy Colostrum supplement feed, and has high levels of IgG's (Immunoglobulin G).

Calf Rearing Aids

Crypt-Occur for calves, which contains plant extracts, blended salts, hydrolysed yeast, pre-biotics and a high immune package is highly effective in enabling the calf to speed up its immune response against Cryptosporidium. The powerfully selected ingredients provide a hostile environment for the parasite to live in and reduces asexual reproduction.

Calf Rearing Aids
Calf Scour Test Kit

The Calf Scour Test Kit is an ideal aid in the rapid detection of Rota-virus, Corona-virus, coli and Cryptosporidium in calves. It's provides a cost-effective and accurate test with results within 10 minutes, and contains 5 calf tests per kit. If the results are positive, feed the calves Pectolit.

Calf Rearing Aids
Coxicur & Cyclex

Coxicur & Cyclex is highly effective against Coccidiosis, Cryptosporidium, TB, viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeasts. It is also free from QAC-S and Cyanuric acid. It's ideal for us in calf housing, calving areas and lambing pens, and is easy to apply by spray or foam.

Calf Rearing Aids
Pectolit Electrolyte

Pectolit was developed to prevent and combat digestive problems in calves. It contains vegetable extracts, electrolytes, vitamins and trace elements. Presents no danger, even in case of overdose, and it can be given from the first days after birth, and it has a feed value of 11.5% protein and 6% fat.

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