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Whether you house your cattle/sheep on sawdust, sand or straw, you need to ensure that the pH is kept up to reduce bacterial growth. Mastitis results in discarded milk, medication and expensive vet charges. By using either Biolime H90 or Hydramix you are helping to dramatically reduce the risk of this.

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Bedding Powders
Biolime H90

Biolime H90 is fantastic at preventing bacterial infections such as mastitis and reducing hoof infection. When using Biolime H90, there's no risk of hydrogen sulphide, and it also reduces odour whilst creating a stable alkali environment.

Bedding Powders

Hydramix is a cost-effective bedding powder that provides a rapid raise in pH. It is non-abrasive, and won't burn or crack the skin of your animals. It's safe to use as a single bedding product and is non-dusty.

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