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Our Milk Powders Are Formulated By Denkavit

We believe in getting your calves off to the very best start in life so only use quality ingredients in all of our own milk powder specifications. Berrys Agriculture has a practical range of milk replaces to meet your different requirements.

Our powders are formulated to increase growth and production whilst at the same time minimising challenge against disease.

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Milk Powders
Supreme Guard (Very High Skim)

This transition all dairy skim milk powder is designed to support the transition from colostrum to milk feeding. Typically feed for up to the first 10 days of the calf's life before moving over to a high quality milk replacer. It contains many powerful ingredients that aid in reducing calf scour, improve gut health and set up the calf well for the rest of the weaning period. Using latest technology, Supreme Guard is able to aid against the most common scours such as Cryptosporidium and Rotavirus.

Milk Powders
Supreme Elite (High Skim)

This top performing high quality skim milk powder offers you the chance to greatly increase your calf growth rates due to high quality ingredients used in this spec. It has been carefully formulated to include the most advanced gut health technology available and also is amino acid balanced which allows the calf to utilise all the available protein which will increase health and performance. Supreme Elite continues to be our market leader in all round performance and is used equally on all systems to great effect including twice a day feeding, once a day feeding, automated calf feeding and ad-lib

Milk Powders
Supreme Rearer (Skim)

Supreme Rearer is an excellent cost effective choice for your calves. Suitable for dairy & beef systems aiming for high performance but affordable calf rearing. It is highly digestible, will mix easy and is palatable for the young calf for twice daily feeding. It is also suitable for use in machines.

Milk Powders
NeoMilk Boost (Whey)

Boost which is a whey powder is part of the NeoMilk follow-on milk range from Cargill which has been designed using the latest technology to meet the needs of modern calves and sustainable calf rearing enterprises. During the pre-weaning period health, growth and rumen development are fundamental to getting calves off to a good start.