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Berry's Agriculture supply in feed and free access minerals for dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep, including organic minerals. Farm bespoke specifications are available, whilst our three most popular mixes are available below.

In addition to farm minerals we also sell:
- Calcined Magnesite Powder
- Magnesium Chloride Flakes
- Dry Cow Buckets (very high iodine levels)
- Sodium Bi-Carb
- Limestone Flour
- Copper Sulphate
- Red Lump Rock Salt
- Feed Grade Urea

The Berry's Range

Our Products

We sell over 75 bespoke mineral formulations. Below are our 3 most popular sellers off the shelf. Please visit our Mineral Quotation section and fill out our form where you can find out how much we can save you in £’s for a copy of your current specification from our leading UK mineral manufacturers.

Farm Minerals
Dairy Straights Balancer

This mix is one of our most popular mixes; the Dairy Straights Balancer offers a very good balanced mineral for use alongside grass and maize silages. A straights balancer hi-mag is available for grazing cows.

Farm Minerals
GP Cattle

The cattle GP spec is suitable for all growing stock and offers a cost effective way of getting minerals and vitamins into growing cattle on a daily basis. This mix is a high in calcium to ensure strong bone growth.

Farm Minerals
Super Dry Cow (IF)

This powerful dry cow mineral offers all the macro and micro minerals and vitamins essential for the dry cow, including raised levels of Vit. E and Selenium to ensure that your cows hit the ground running post-calving.

Rumen Buffers

Rumaliser is a powerful blend of buffering agents and flavours, including acid buff and sodium carbonate. It neutralises acid therefore improving digestion and productivity. It's flavouring improves intake and also can reduce cell counts.

Cows: 100-150g/h/day. Beef: 50-80g/h/day.

Rumen Buffers

Mag12 is based on a breakthrough in magnesium delivery systems. A natural source of minerals Mag12 shows unique solubility properties with 99% magnesium available in the Rumen. Other magnesium sources are typically only 7-23% soluble.

Rumen Buffers

Equaliser is a blend of specifically selected buffering agents and flavours. It allows the rumen microbes to flourish, and by doing so it encourages proper balancer digestion for your dairy cows and beef cattle.

Cows: 100-150g/h/day. Beef: 50-80g/h/day.

Progut '3 in 1' Yeast

Progut is a unique hydrolysed yeast, which allows more effective soluble, bioactive particles released to the animal giving outstanding repeatable results. Its proven to increase propinate and reduce methane and somatic cell count.

Feed at 100g/h/day.


Levucell is a living yeast, specifically designed to improve rumen balance and feed intake. Levucell increases dry matter intake, milk production and maintains fat and protein content in particular in your calf.

Feed at 100g/h/day.

Toxic Binders
SmartShieldRM 'Ruminant Specific'

SmartShieldRM delivers mycotoxin deactivation for ruminants, through a four-action process: binding, transforming, degrading and anti-mould which will help to increase your herd's performance.

Feed at 50g/h/day (10g in mineral).

Toxic Binders
MicroSafe Max

MicroSafe Max is able to use its two forms of binder to carry mycotoxins harmlessly through the animal, without entering the bloodstream. It also contains beta glucans which stimulate the cow's immune system into working more effectively.

Feed at 25g/h/day, 50g for the first week.

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